Graduation scholarship

The scholarship is adjusted to doctorands with exceptional family burdens who are in their completion phase of their graduation.


The Otto von Guericke University Magdeburg is a family-friendly university which means that the compatibility of studying, teaching, research and the family tasks has a very high priority. To care for a family must not become a handicap for the academic career. While fulfilling the family tasks there may come up exceptional burdens which aggravate the compatibility and thus lead to an unscheduled extension of the doctorate scheme. This extension of the duration can in some circumstances entail a financing gap.

To close this financing gap in case of family dependent delays, a completion scholarship is being organised. The Otto-von-Guericke-University Magdeburg assigns this completion scholarship to graduates who are enrolled to the Otto-von-Guericke-University and who have problems to finish their doctorate due to delays through exceptional domestic burdens. This scholarship is only for the final stage of the dissertation. It is open for applicants from all fields. National and international research stays cannot be supported.

The scholarship will be paid for up to three months. Requirement for the application is:

  • an attested exceptional domestic burden (1) as well as
  • the finishing of the dissertation in the duration of promotion (2)

The scholarship amounts to 1000 Euro per month.

The following documents are need to be submitted:

  • Application for the grant of the completion scholarship
  • Curriculum Vitae
  • Explanation of the exceptional domestic burden
  • Confirmation from the supervisor that the duration of promotion is sufficient for the completion of the dissertation (including a schedule)
  • Explanation that no other funding is proceeding (3), (verification of the earning capacity through the copy of a tax bill or in another suitable way).

The decision is made by a commission as soon as possible.

The application, if required, can be made at any time.
Applications need to be in written form directed to:

Otto-von-Guericke-Universität Magdeburg
Büro für Gleichstellungsfragen
PSF 4120
39016 Magdeburg



(1) An exceptional domestic burden is at hand i.a. in case of:

  • Looking after long-term diseased children that belong to the household
  • Caring for relatives or life partner
  • Long-term disease or health restrictions of the applicant while being responsible for children belonging to the household
  • Missing (in a temporal extent appropriate) institutional childcare and the children have amply to be looked after by the applicant
  • Separation from the life partner thus the applicant is responsible for the upbringing of the child/children
  • Single parents

(2) The dissertation is considered to be finished when the dissertation has been submitted in the faculty and the doctorate procedure has been opened up.

(3) An additional earning is according to the promotion regulation of the graduate possible.


Here you can download the application for the grant of the completion scholarship in English.

Please approach the office for gender equality in case of further questions.

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